Why Benchmarks

Posted by Kayla Castro
Feb 13 2015


Our programming over the next year will be giving you an opportunity to see moderate results over a short period of time. The goal of this two fold:

We want to see if more focus on one movement will get you mastery quicker. While this makes sense intuitively, because of the nature of CrossFit and the nature of human performance (e.g., it’s reliance on variance), we’re going to see if it’s true. While focusing on one thing will probably make you better at that one thing, do we lose something by focusing less on variance and overall performance and/or do we increase our incidence of injury because we aren’t getting enough balance in basic human movement. Meaning if you’re really good at pulling, but you suck at pushing, does that imbalance cause more problems than getting you better at pullups and muscle ups creates?

We want to give experienced clients more time to focus on complex movements and new clients a chance to get to a basic level of ability. If we can take an experienced client from two muscle ups to six and get a new client their first Muscle Up, that’s good stuff! Let’s find out of it works! (which it probably will because I don’t do the programming, Maria does, and she’s smarter and better looking than me).

[Originally posted Potomac CrossFit 150108]

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