Why the Paleo Challenge?

Posted by Kayla Castro
Feb 16 2015


While folks seem to enjoy my in-person sales pitch “Sign up for the Paleo Challenge, and you get to give me money”, there’s actually slightly more to it than that.

The number one reason why you should do the Paleo Challenge is that your diet is the single most important factor in your health. Whether you’re sold by the bodybuilding adage of “abs are made in the kitchen” or Hippocrates guidance: “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”, you’ll benefit from giving the Paleo Diet a real effort for one month.

The second best reason is you’ll figure out if I’m full of shit or not. Let’s face it, part of you wants me to be wrong and you’d love to prove it. So give it a try and then you can tell me how much healthier you were before the Paleo Challenge.

Third I’ll appeal to the foodie in you. Variety is critical in palatability as well as health, and chances are you’re eating some of the same stuff all the time. Come on board for the big win and we’ll show you how to dramatically expand the types of foods you’re eating by focusing on fresh and seasonal foods.

[Originally posted Paleo Challenge “Why the Paleo Challenge?”]

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