Top 5 Reasons to Not Start CrossFit

Posted by Kayla Castro
May 28 2015


We don’t really “sell” our product in a traditional way. I teach most of the free classes and all we do is give the prospective clients a short period of instruction and assessment and then give them a short beginner CrossFit workout. If people want to come in and have some questions answered about CrossFit, I tell them “I hear it’s good” and then steer them to the free class.

Most folks that are interested in starting or maybe have just started have a few common reasons why CrossFit isn’t for them:

1) It’s too hard. It’s not “too hard”, but it is harder than what you’ve been doing. But we offer a training program. This isn’t a common globo-gym experience of “come in and fuck around” (or more accurately, pay them for a year of access to “come in and fuck around” time and don’t use it). It’s also not a common “fitness class” in that I don’t care if you “feel like you worked out”, I care about training you. A big portion of this will be integrating you into our effective training program and modifying it to fit your ability. This will still make it hard, but it’s also what makes it effective. If you want results, you have to work for it.

2) It’s too expensive. Our average per hour class price is $15. This is cheaper than most yoga, spin, barre, or whatever else you’re going to go to. It’s also much cheaper than a personal trainer. In addition, you get the group environment with a score which will push you much further than anything else: “Men will die for points.”

3) It’s too hard to make time for this. It’s 3-5 hours per week out of an available 168 per week. Even subtracting 10 hours per day for work and commute and 8 hours per day for sleep, you have 62 hours a week to work on your fitness and crush it at Ballroom.

4) It doesn’t compliment my current routine. This is because your current routine is probably stupid. If you are training for a marathon or doing back and bi’s/chest and tris, you’re not actually doing anything that will improve your fitness. So the best way to fit our program into your program is just do our program.

5) I’m afraid I might get injured. You probably will, but it will also probably not be because of CrossFit. Granted, we’ll push you, but we also have extremely experienced coaches that can work around pretty much anything. So as long as you can a) check your ego and not have to do what everybody else is doing and b) talk to and listen to your coaches when they give you guidance, you’ll be able to keep training and getting better.

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