How does Cardio/Aerobic Capacity fit into CrossFit?

Posted by brianpcf
Dec 31 2007

This is a question that comes up pretty much every day in some form or another, so I wanted to give a brief introduction and some links for more in-depth information.

CFJ 63, Nov 2007 – The New World Order for Endurance Training

A phenomenal article by Brian McKenzie that builds on CrossFit’s multiple metabolic pathway training. A must read for endurance athletes and “cardio-bunnies.”

CFJ 55, Mar 2007 – UC Riverside Women’s Basketball

Practical results from training multiple metabolic pathways. These athletes are doing endurance sports, a women’s NCAA basketball game is 40 minutes long.

CFJ 52, Dec 2006 – The Paradox of the Aerobic Fitness Perscription

Lon Kilgore explains why high-intensity interval training will increase VO2 max as well as all the other metabolic energy pathways, and so the “normal” aerobic capacity work at 70% VO2 max that is consistent with “long, slow distance” training will only slightly improve your endurance, but will not make you more fit by any other measure.

CFJ 22, Jun 2004 – What About Cardio?

Too much specificity and training in the oxidative pathways leads to ability in only that pathway and that specific function. So Lance Armstrong can beat a CrossFitter in biking, but that’s it.

And some threads from CrossFit’s message board.

Marathon with Minimal Training
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