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A Specific Generalized Template

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Nov 02 2011

What many coaches will tell you (and I will too) is:

1) Practice the basic lifts.
2) Keep it simple.
3) And one Marine saying: “In the static defensive position, if you try to be strong everywhere, you’ll be weak everywhere.”

What I’ve tried to do with this template is lay out a basic combination of Olympic and Power lifts with the end goal of being an generally stronger and more powerful athlete, but one that has my inherent strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve cobbled together several programs (Crossfit Football, Bob Takano, Jim Wendler, Prilepin’s Table, and especially Gant Grimes) based on my experience lifting with each of those programs separately and managing athletes on these programs.

To view the template click here.

Template Guidelines:
1) Add 5 lbs to each Oly lift Theoretical 1 RM (T1RM) each 4 week cycle.
2) Add 10 lbs to each lower body Wendler Deadlift T1RM each 4 week cycle.
3) Add 5 lbs to each upper body Wendler Press T1RM each 4 week cycle.
4) Add 5 lbs to each Power lift (linear progression) each 4 week cycle.

You’ll obviously need to copy the spreadsheet and then enter your weights into the yellow blocks, but the spreadsheet will do the work after that.

You’ll need to stick with this for at least 16 weeks to see good progress. Feel free to switch your Power lifts to Wendler once you get a serious sticking point.

I think this would be a great template for anybody that has a decent level of strength and good technique with the lifts. I think this would be a great fit for athletes at PCF who are doing the barbell club (contact for more info).

PS. I get the fact that “Specialized Generalized” are contradictory terms. Also, feel free to go all kinds of honey badger on this if you’ve got some beef.

New and Improved Wendler Spreadsheet

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Aug 25 2010

Made a few changes to the Potomac Crossfit Wendler 531 Spreadsheet.


  • Rounds work sets to closest 2.5 lbs
  • Automatically calculates weights for 24 weeks
  • Graphs Theoretical 1RM based on last sets

For more info, check out the video:

To download a copy of the Potomac Crossfit Wendler 531 Spreadsheet, click here.

Post questions or suggestions to comments.

More Wendler Planning

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Aug 02 2010

Nicole's last WOD before her trip to Spring Break Bagram!

So I’ve been doing Wendler 531 since April and have had great results, here’s a snap shot:

12/9/2008: 335
6/28/2010: 355

Power Clean*
9/27/2009: 225
7/1/2010: 235
*The Power Clean isn’t “traditional” Wendler, but I did it anyway according to the same principles as the other lifts.

12/9/2008: 160
7/2/2010: 167.5

I plan to carry on using Wendler 531 as the basis of my training going forward along with PCF Fast Runners Club and PCF WODs.

I’m going to go to Deadlifts instead of Power Cleans, but try to get in some reps using Prilepin’s table of the Olympic Lifts on Squat or Deadlift days.

I’m also going to work harder on my Assistance Exercises during this phase. I pretty much bailed on those as often as humanely possible after about the first eight weeks. Much of this was due to time constraints, but they are all movements I need to work on. My Assistance Exercises will be:

Squat Day
Weighted Ring Dips 5x5x50
Reverse Hyper 3×15

Deadlift Day
Handstand Pushups 3×5
Weighted Pullups 5x5x50

Press Day
Assisted Muscle Up 3×3
Tuck Front Lever 8 x 5-10 seconds
Tuck Back Lever 8 x 5-10 seconds

This will all fit pretty neatly on top of the normal PCF Programming. I’ll just rotate out Assistance Exercises on some days and do the PCF METCON, and skip the PCF METCON on some days and just do assistance exercises.

I was fortunate enough to have Wendy W. from 0530 loan me Coach Chris Sommer’s Building the Gymnastic Body. I’d seen his videos on YouTube and heard Robb Wolf talk about his training, but I never took a hard look at it.

I read the whole thing in about an hour and a half and feel like I’ve got a much better plan in my head for both how to improve my own gymnastic ability as well as PCF Athletes. Great progressions in there, give it a look if you get the chance.