090525 WOD

Posted by Brian PCF
May 25 2009

5 Rounds
3 Muscle Ups*
5 Handstand Pushups (HSPU)
20 Hip Ext
20 Kettlebell Swings, 55 lbs
2 min Rest


*Muscle-Ups were performed with top of feet on a box for assistance.

Notes: HSPU was the big issue on these. I was using plenty of leg help on the MUs, but really had a hard time on HSPU on th 1st, 3rd, and 4th round. For whatever reason, the HSPU in round 5 were unbroken. Kipped on all of them though. Really need to work on MU progressions as part of my warmup and knock out a few full ones here and there. I did 3 in a row last week without coming off the rings and with no warmup, but tried to do a full one after warming up today and couldn’t get any. Dan beat me on this by 1.5 minutes, but he was using a 35 lbs kettlebell.

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